Those were the days!
(from All in the family
-the great TV series)
(long version)
Boy, the way Glen Miller played. 
Songs that made the Hit Parade. 
Guys like us, we had it made. 
Those were the days! 

Didn't need no welfare state. 
Everybody pulled his weight 
Gee, our old LaSalle (a car) ran great. 
Those were the days! 

And you knew where you were then! 
Girls were girls and men were men. 
Mister, we could use a man like 
Herbert Hoover again. 
People seemed to be content. 
Fifty dollars paid the rent. 
Freaks were in a circus tent. 
Those were the days! 
Take a little Sunday spin, 
go to watch the Dodgers win. 
Have yourself a dandy day that 
cost you under a fin (five dollar bill). 
Hair was short and skirts were long. 
Kate Smith really sold a song. 
I don't know just what went wrong! 
Those Were the Days!