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Artist: Mr. Steve Hanks

"Tu, ca nun chiagne" sung
by Mr. Jose Carreras

Comme e bella a muntagna stanotte...
bella accusi nun l'aggio vista maie!
'N"anema pare reaaignata e stanca
sotto cuperta 'e chesta lune janca...

Tu che nun chiagne e chiagnere me faie,
tu, stanotte addo staie
Voglio a te!
Voglio a te!
Chist' uocchie te vonno
n' ata vota vede!

Comm'e calma 'a muntagna stanotte...
cchiu calma 'e mo nun l'aggio vista maie!
E tutto dorme, tutto dorme o more,
e i sulo veglio, per che veglia Ammore...

Tu che nun chiagne,ecc

How beautiful the mountain is tonight...
it has never looked this beautiful before!
It seems to be a soul, resigned and weary
beneath the candid coverlet of the moon...

You who weep not while you make me weep,
where are you tonight?
I need you!
I need you!
These eyes of mine desire
to see you once more!

How calm and quiet the mountain is tonight...
I've never seen it calm like this before!
All is asleep, all is asleep or dying,
I watch alone, for love is watching tooo...

You who weep not, etc.