So deep is the night - Tristesse
sung by Mr. John McCormack of Ireland

 this beautiful image can be purchased
as a framed print through "World-Wide
Art" on the internet. The talented
Artist: Mr. Peter Ellenshaw

(Set to Chopin Etude Opus 10 Number 3)
Mr. Chessman learned this lovely song 
at a British boarding school and went
many years before hearing it again!

So deep is the night,
No moon tonight,
No friendly star
To guide me with it´s light;
Be still my heart,
Silent lest my love should be returning
From a world far apart.

So deep is the night
O lonely night,
On broken wings
My heart has taken flight
And left a dream.

In my dream our lips are blending,
Will my dream be never ending?
Will your mem`ry haunt me till I die?
Alone am I,
Deep into the night,
Waiting for the light,
Alone am I,
I wonder why?
Deep is the night.