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Torna a Surriento
sung by the legendary Mr. Andrea Bocelli

Vide'o mare quant'e bello
spira tantu sentimento
Comme tu a chi tiene mente,
Ca scetato 'o faie sunna
Guarda, gua' chistu ciardino:
Siente, sie sti sciure arance;
Nu profumo accusi fino
Dinto 'o core se ne va

E tu dice: "I' parto, addio!"
T'alluntane a stu core,
Da sta terra de l'ammore...
Tiene 'o core 'e nun turna?
Ma nun me lassa,
Nun darme stu turmiento!
Torna a Surriento,
Famme campa!

Vide 'o mare de Surriento,
Che tesoro tene 'nfunno;
Chi ha girato tutto 'o munno
Nun l'ha visto comm'a cca
Guarda attuorno sti sserene,
Cate guardano 'ncantate
E te vonno tantu bene...
Te vulessoro vasa
E tu dice: "I' parto, addio ecc.

See the beauty of the waters!
How it plucks the very heartstrings!
'Tis like you, whose glance seduces,
thought awake, to think we dream!
Look, O look upon this garden,
smell the scent of orange blossoms,
scent so sweet it winds its tendrills
round about the inmost heart...

Yet you say: "farewell I'm leaving?"
you's desert these loving arms
and this very land of love...
Could you mean not to return?
Go not away from me,
break not my heart with sorrow!
come back to Sorrento,
that I may live!

See the waves that lap Sorrento,
'tis in truth a jewel they cherish;
those who've never travelled far have never
seen its like in all the world
See these sirens round about you,
gazing at you with enchantment
loving you so much and longing
to bestow a fleeting kiss
Yet you say "farewell I'm leaving" etc.